I learned at an early age to appreciate all the beauty that grew in my grandmother’s garden.  With

a childhood of summers spent with my beloved Gramma, we grew everything from beautiful Gerber daisies to Beefsteak tomatoes.
Many happy times and memories go back to Gramma’s garden during that special time in my life.

Now I continue to develop my love of the garden and I’ve turned my interests to succulents.
Many years ago I was given a gift of a jade plant and it’s still growing today along with many other succulent varieties in my at-home greenhouse.  Succulents endure through difficult and even neglectful circumstances and still seem to thrive with an amazing will to live.  I’ve learned to appreciate these very resourceful plants.


After spending many years experimenting with container plantings in my own personal garden.  At the insistent urging of our family and friends, I started my new business “Succulent Designs of Vilano” in 2012.  So far, the Jacksonville – St. Augustine – Orlando – Savannah – Fernandina Beach area art and farmer’s markets have been successful outlets for fun, profit and meeting new, like-minded folks. 

I’m always open to new venues to sell my designs.  And speaking of new venues, check out the Coconut Barrel in St. Augustine, FL.  I’m a new Vendor there and my work is available 7 days a week!  Check out the other incredible hand-made items @


My husband, Barry, and I share our home in Vilano Beach, FL with our tribe of four Jack Russell Terriers, three cats and several dozen goldfish.  While continuing to develop new ideas and designs in my new greenhouse, which was replaced after Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, I also like to work with my limited knowledge of photography.  I love to travel whenever I can to meet new friends who share my love of succulents and music.



” It thrills me when folks compliment my work.  

I’m doing what I like to do and sharing with people who are also

interested in the succulents I love. What could be better?”   Lydia-