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SDOV-Succulent FanaticsSucculent Fanatics  – This FaceBook group was created by Laura Balaoro to share knowledge and experiences with friends and fans of succulents.  Join up and share your successes, challenges, designs, creations, and, of  course, your succulent photos.  Members are encouraged to post photos as part of sharing and learning.


Succulent hats taking a break for lunch

Succulent Sistahs  – This FaceBook group was created by Laura Eubanks for a light hearted look at women’s issues and includies our mutual love of succulents and gardening.  The Succulent Sistahs Facebook page is a great way to meet like-minded friends who share succulent successes, challenges, designs, creations, and lots of photos!


SDOV-Laura BalaroDesign with Diversity   Laura Balaoro is a Certified Master Gardener through the University of California, and speaks at area venues.  Laura is also an avid gardener and landscape designer based in San Jose, California and teaches workshops specifically on succulents and how to incorporate them in the garden design.  As a testiment to Laura’s leadership, she fearlessly heads up the FaceBook group, “Succulent Fanatics” which has passed 15,000+ in membership and is growing every day.


SDOV- Design for Serenity-Laura EubanksDesigns for Serenity – Laura Eubanks is the founder and creative mind behind Design For Serenity.  A certified University of California Master Gardener and a lover of all things succulent, Laura is a sought-after public speaker and published succulent designer.  Laura’s beautiful creations and very original succulent-topped pumpkins are in high demand. Check out Laura’s article on succulent-topped pumpkins in Country Gardens Magazine


SDOV-Cindy DavisonThe Succulent Perch –  Certified floral designer and award winning succulent designer, Cindy Davison offers custom one-of-a-kind designs for containers, centerpieces and just about any other application.  Her signature succulent rooftop birdhouses are simply awesome, and,  if you’re lucky enough to live near or visit the San Diego County area, Cindy offers “hands-on” workshops through her website.  New for 2015, Cindy has put together a beautiful new calender with photographs from her own collection.  

    Check it out @!speciality-items/c226r


SDOV-Candaice SuterSweet Stuff’s Sassy Succulents – Candice Suter  is a photographer, blogger, succulent gardner, speaker, consultant and designer of all things succulent! Enjoy her awesome story-telling and stunning photos through her most excellent blog.  Candice never fails to entertain and inspire!


SDOV-Debra Lee Baldwin Debra Lee Baldwin Award-winning garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwinin  authored the Timber Press bestsellers “Designing with Succulents”, “Succulent Container Gardens”, and “Succulents Simplified”. SDOV-Succulentbook3SDOV-Succulent Container Gardens - DLBuntitledSDOV-Succulent book1Debra is a regular contributor to Sunset Magazine and other publications, and her own half-acre garden near San Diego has been  featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Debra shares the beauty of  waterwise, easy-care succulent plants gardens, containers and  landscapes via her blog posts, newsletters, public speaking and workshops. Debra also specializes in showing how to use  architectural, waterwise and easy-care succulents in a wide variety of appealing and creative applications.   These three books are my recommended reading for those new to and interested in succulents.  Also, please check out Debra Lee’s more recent books as well.

Lydia-JeffreyBale421116_375816962528150_1054181772_nGardens by Jeffrey Bale
– Check out a view into Jeffrey’s world as a builder of fine gardens and mosaics; his 
 attention to detail and fascination with rocks and stones is simply amazing.  Be sure to follow Jeffrey’s blog to see some of the beautiful places and things that inspire Jeffrey as he travels the globe.  


SDOV-Garden Answer1Garden Answer   – Check out my new favorite place to get great succulent and garden video ideas.  Laura at Garden Answer has some great ideas and I love how she arranges container gardens backwards for the camera!!  Awesome!! and on Laura’s facebook page @




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