Welcome to the New World of Instant Wall Gardens! We are so excited to present to you this patented process that will soon be in your area.  Up until now, to make a wall garden, you had to place each cutting between a wire grid, like chicken wire or hardware cloth, and then wait about twelve weeks for the plants to root before you could hang your vertical garden on the wall. It has a patented plant retention system to hold your plants in place.  With the new Instant Wall Planter by Portrait Gardens, you can plant a vertical garden and display it either on the wall or tabletop all in the same day for total instant gratification — no need to wait before hanging up your vertical garden!!

Plant it — Pin it — Hang it –all in the same day..!!

   ♦ The Instant Wall Garden planter box by Portrait Gardens comes in 4 different sizes; 8×10, 5×7, 4×6, and 3.5×5.

   ♦ The planter box itself has a built-in watering tray at the top and drain holes on the bottom with a removable
reservoir to catch 
the excess water.  

 ♦The wall garden has an easel on the back and will sit  on a desk, table or countertop, or you can hang it on the wall with the handy hanger.  

   ♦ On two sides you will find small holes to accept the patented retention pins.  

These pins will be placed vertically and horizontally

after you plant your wall garden to hold your plants in place.   

♦ Every planter box has an attached picture frame.  

Your wall garden, whether you hang it on the wall or prop it up using the attached easel, will look like a living garden portrait.

   ♦ The Portrait Garden planter box is perfect for succulents, but you can plant anything you want in the box; herbs, lettuce, flowers, ivy– just about anything you want!


 ⇒ Step 1:  Plant It! 

Just a few tips, when planting succulents — use succulent/catcus soil for best results.  There are many websites on-line explaining how to plant and care for succulents. Also, plant your plants close together to not leave a lot of “dirt space” around the plants.  


 ⇒ Step 2:  Pin It!  

Your planter box kit includes retention pins that are two different lengths.  The longer pins are placed vertically top to bottom,  the shorter pins are placed horizontally from left to right.  Make sure when placing the pins, that the tip of each pinis seated under the edge of the frame under the opposite side.  These retention pins will hold your plants in place and allow you to hang your wall garden immediately.   

Note:To give your arrangement a finished look, add some nursery-type moss around the plants inany spaces where you can see the dirt in your arrangement.  This will hold the loose dirt in place and will look awesome!

 ⇒ Step 3–Hang It!  And Enjoy!


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