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LIGHT »    
In-direct sunlight, morning sun or afternoon southern exposure works best. Protect your succulents from direct afternoon sun; too much sun will scorch the leaves.


WATER »  Water every 7-10 days or when soil is dry to the touch. Soil should be damp, not soaked.  “When in doubt, go without (h2o)”.  The number one reason for succulent demise is overwatering. DO NOT OVERWATER!! 


TEMPERATURE »   Tender succulents should be protected from temperatures under 40 degrees.


FERTILIZER »  Dilute balanced plant food (10-10-10) to 1/4 and feed monthly.


If you have any questions or problems with your succulents that aren’t answered above, please check with:

Also check my VIDEO PAGE for more succulent “how to” information.

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